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The patterns are listed in alphabetical order A-D on Page 1, E-L on page 2 and M-Z on Page 3.  Each size in the garment patterns is on separate tissue paper. The sizes (usually two per envelope) are not stacked so no tracing is required.  Each packet is $16.00. Click the arrow on the drop-down box to see the available sizes.  Select the size you need then click  to order. If you would like a more detailed description of a particular pattern click CONTACT US . We'll be glad to e-mail you  more information including pictures, fabric requirements, etc.

Ellen is a pattern for a girl's sundress, jumper, or tunic. The lined yoke features a cross-over front accented with wide contrasting bands. The unlined skirt has a few gathers in the center front and center back. The skirt bottom is finished with the wide contrasting bands like the yoke. Ellen buttons down the back. Ruffled pants pictured are Charlotte #242 - not included in this pattern
Sizes 3-6 and 7-12
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emily.gif (35338 bytes)

Emily is a mid-calf length dress with slightly raised waistline curving up at center front.  Neckline is slightly scooped & has piped one-piece Peter Pan collar.  This button down the front dress can be made with cap sleeves, puffed sleeves with cuffs or sleeveless. 
5-7 and 8-12
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Emma is a lined dress that buttons down the front with a slightly raised waistline that is straight in the back and curves up at center front. View A is a jumper that can be worn with a blouse or turtleneck. View B features a pointed collar and armholes that cut in at the shoulder.
Sizes 3-5, 6-8, 10-14


frannie.gif (23194 bytes)

Frannie, a sleeveless, lined dress, buttons with one button in the back.  The extra fullness at underarm is pulled up with ties or ribbons in a casing for an easy adjustable fit.  Optional method:  Underarm fullness may be adjusted with elastic in casing. 
Sizes 1-4
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CCFrannieBaby.gif (22010 bytes)

Frannie Baby
Frannie Baby is a 2-piece sleeveless outfit for girls.  The lined top has underarm casings with ties that allow for an adjustable fit.  A keyhole opening at center back neck edge fastens with loop & button.  The unlined panties have elastic at waist & legs.  Leg edge, finished with small ruffle can be hemmed or finished with flat eyelet or corded piping.
  Sizes 6m-24m
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Discontinued - supply limited
Gigi is a pattern for ankle length pants bound just above the ankle bone With a contrasting fabric legband that leaves a 1" wide extension of pants at bottom.  Gathered in slightly at the side seam front & back under the contrasting legband.  Pants have elasticized waist & are unlined.  Button-down-the front blouse features a piped one piece Peter Pan collar.  Sleeves are slightly longer than 3/4 length & are finished with flat cuff that meets at the top center of the sleeves with curved edges.  Bottom of blouse is a series of overlapping hemmed pieces that provide vents at the midpoints on each side of the blouse front & at center back.
Sizes 5-8
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Our newest pattern! Ginger is a timeless waistline sundress with soft details creating a delightful dress for girls of many ages. There is a ruffle down the front of the dress and a ruffle around the neck attached with a bias band. The dress buttons down the front and comes to just above the knees. VIEW A is fully lined and VIEW B has a lined bodice with a skirt facing.
Sizes 6m-6 and 7-14
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Handsewing3.gif (42265 bytes)

Discontinued - supply limited
Handsewing III
Three handsewn dresses are included.  One has embroidered insertion in skirt & trimmed square collar.  One is designed with ruffle & embroidered panel in skirt with 3 bands of lace at yoke.  One has embroidered panel & is ruffled.  All embroidery designs included. 
Sizes 5-6


Handsewing4.gif (37385 bytes)

Handsewing IV
Three round yoke dresses & an A-line slip come in this package.  Embroidery designs are included.  
Sizes 3-4 and 5-6


Harper is a fully-lined bubble for a girl or boy and is comfortable for the playground or the beach. The timeless bubble gathers onto a bodice with a raised waist and buttons in the back with a continuous bound placket. It features elastic casings at the legs with snaps or buttons at the crotch. Customize this bubble in a variety of ways. For a girl, add a piped collar, sweet sash, and fluttery angel sleeves. For a boy, make a tailored look with a collar and belt.
Sizes 3-24 months
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Hank&Helen.gif (43194 bytes)

Helen & Hank
Helen & Hank is a lined romper of girls & boys.  It can be buttoned or tied on the shoulder.  There are 2 lengths - mid-thigh & ankle.  The bottom of the pants is gathered to a wide leg band.  Can be worn sleeveless, with a blouse or turtleneck.  Romper is slightly oversized.  Blouse not included. 
Sizes 6-18 mo and 2-4 (this size is discontinued)
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Ellen is a pattern for a girl's sundress, jumper, or tunic. The lined yoke features a cross-over front accented with wide contrasting bands. The unlined skirt has a few gathers in the center front and center back. The skirt bottom is finished with the wide contrasting bands like the yoke. Ellen buttons down the back. Ruffled pants pictured are Charlotte #242 - not included in this pattern
Sizes 3-6 and 7-12
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Isabella is a pattern for a girl's sundress, jumper, or tunic. This garment is unlined and very easy to make, with a few gathers in the center front and center back. A curved overlay is trimmed with medium sized rickrack, and the front can be monogrammed or embroidered. The simple-to-construct back placket is the depth of the overlay with 3 buttons. The neckline and the armholes are both finished with visible bias bands. We recommend self bias bands for the armholes, with a contrast color for the rickrack, neck band, and monogram or embroidery. The jumper is pictured over Mattie, and the tunic is pictured with Lettie pants.
Sizes 2-5
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This stylish frock that buttons down the back promises to satisfy your growing girl.  This every up-to-date looking garment features a piped round yoke that is perfect for a machine monogram.  The slightly A-lined skirt can be cut straight or slightly tapered in at the waistline.  The lining of the skirt is hemmed separately from the dress.
Sizes 3-6 and 7-12
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The Jamie baby bubble is such classic look with six variations in one package! View A is a basic yoke design with smocking and a Peter Pan collar, belt, and straight sleeves. View B is a basic yoke design with a pleats, Peter Pan collar, belt, and straight sleeves. View C is smocked from shoulder to waist with a dropped yoke, sash on the back, and puff sleeve. View D is a smocked bishop bubble with puff sleeves. View E is an angel-sleeve smocked bishop. The newest view, View F is unsmocked with a yoke with gathers, a Peter Pan collar, and puff sleeves. The puff and straight sleeves are interchangeable, as well as the sash and belt. All views buttons in the back with a placket and snaps at the pleated crotch.  
Sizes 3-24m
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Jane is a peasant-style dress or top and includes pants. The unlined dress and top have a slightly lowered neckline with a casing for elastic, so each garment just pulls easily over the child’s head. A ribbon is tacked on at the front for a bow. Short sleeves are finished with casing and elastic. The slim, unlined pants are ankle-length with a waistband in the front and a casing with elastic in the back.
Sizes 1-3 and 4-6
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Johnny is the perfect button-on-the-shoulder romper.  It can be made smocked or unsmocked.  Classic in design, it has both center front & back seams and side seams for a better fit.  It can be made short or long.  The crotch of the romper can be finished with snaps.  Pattern has an optional patch pocket on the front & includes pattern for appliquéd dog.  Pattern for shirt or blouse is included
Sizes 3, 6, 9 & 12m and 18, 24m, 3 & 4
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Juliet is a girl's dress with a square neckline that slips over the head. This is allowed by a front and back neckline casing with 1/4" elastic on the front and back yokes that stretches over the child's head. There are also casings at the underarm that allow the child more room, but the 1/4" elastic in this casing lets the dress fit perfectly on many size girls. There are three casings for elastic at the waistline, shirring the fabric between the front and back necklines and the waistline. The skirt flows from the elasticized waist to knee length. The armholes feature self-lined cap sleeves.
Sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6.

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Kaki is a cute and comfortable bodice dress made for knit fabrics with interchangeable pleated or gathered skirts that fall above the knee. VIEW A has three-quarter sleeves finished with a decorative cuff and has an easy-to-make neckband. VIEW B is a sleeveless sundress with the neck and armholes finished with a wrap-around binding technique. VIEW B is designed to be more fitted in the bodice.  Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight stretch jersey knit with less than 35% stretch. Pattern is not suitable for woven fabrics. 
Sizes 6m-6
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Kathy-Kelly.gif (29196 bytes)

Out of Print - Supply Limited
Kathy-Kelly is a set of pleated dresses with collar variations.  View A has scalloped bertha collar.  View B is finished with smocked collar.  View C is designed for batiste & lace collar.  There are two sleeve patterns included:  sunbonnet sleeve & regular puffed sleeve.   Kelly has a sash set into back pleats. 
 Sizes 10-12
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Katina is a classic, full skirted sundress perfect for summer or even a jumper in the cooler months. The gathered or smocked front and back skirts are attached to narrow yokes that are piped across the curved yoke top. Straps over the shoulders button onto the front yoke. Underarms are finished with a bias band. Katina comes sizes 1-8 in one package. Difficulty: Gathered version ** Moderate Smocked version **** Expert 
Sizes 1-8
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Katie's Skirt
Katie's Skirt is a pattern for an A-lined skirt.  It has a center front & center back panel stitched to side panels that have pockets that wrap around the sides.  These side panels have a top casing with elastic for a great fit.  The top edge of the pockets can be trimmed with rick rack or corded piping if desired.  This easy-to-make skirt is lined.
Sizes 3-10
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kinsey.gif (23557 bytes)

NEW Size Ranges
Kinsey is a square neckline dress with 4 views.   View A & B have an above the waistline yoke.  View A is piped at bottom of lined sleeves, top of pockets & collar.  Collar , sleeve & pocket ties, which tie through button holes, are contrasting fabric.  View B has a ruffle collar & cuffed sleeves trimmed with rickrack.  View C & D have a high yoke line.   Both sleeve & pockets are tied with ribbon.  View D has 3/4 sleeves with sleeve bands adjusted with ribbon ties.  The square collar is topstitched with ribbon.   All views have gathered shirt & plackets at back yoke. 
Sizes 1-4 and 5-8
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Kitty is a precious A-lined sundress or jumper.  The top of the dress front is finished with a self ruffle.  Side vents that button at the underarm are for ease in getting in the dress on & off.  The straps are a continuation of a little curved back yoke.  Dress is lined & may be lengthened if desired.  Blouse pattern buttons down the front & features a piped Peter Pan collar.  The short fitted sleeves are piped at the bottom edge and finished with a bias band that is stitched to inside of sleeve.
Sizes 1-3 and 4-6
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Lakelin a an up-to-date blouse, sundress or jumper that features a narrow round lined yoke, 1/4" tucks on the front middle bodice, a bias skirt & fluted sleeves.  Lakelin buttons in the back.  If desired, it can be embellished with little buttons between the tucks & a "pinned-on embellishment" of gingham ribbon, rick rack, dangles with beads & a button.  The sundress twirls & is cool for summer.  The jumper can be paired with a blouse or turtleneck.  The versatile blouse goes with jeans, shorts, cropped pants, Katie's skirt or Sassy Skirts.
Sizes 2-5 and 6-10
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Laura is a dress or top that can be sleeveless or have short piped sleeves. The top of the garment features a few gathers at the front neckline and has a partial two-piece collar that buttons to the dress in front and back. The neckline is finished with a bias band that is completely stitched by machine. The garment bottom has a contrasting band that is suitable for an embroidered monogram. Garment buttons down the back.  The sleeveless garment is completely lined. The garment with sleeves has the option of being completely lined or unlined.
Sizes 3-6 and 7-12
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lee.gif (35681 bytes)

Being Revised - Supplies limited
Lee is a basic yoke dress that may be smocked or not.  View A is smocked front & back.  View B is a basic yoke dress smocked front only with lowered back yoke line.  Views A&B are piped at collar, sleeve & yoke lines.  View C is basic yoke with gathered skirt & smocked collar.  
Sizes 1-2, 5-6 and 7-8
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The Lee pattern has been updated to include expanded sizes with 6mo and 12mo, new instructions, new packaging, and a refined sleeve and collar. Lee has puffed sleeves with a Peter Pan collar embellished with either piping or gathered trim. VIEW A is smocked with an optional sash, and VIEW B is unsmocked. You will love our easy-to-follow geometric smocking design and smocking guide.
Sizes 6mo-3, and 4-8
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This sweet bodice dress features soft gathers and a keyhole sleeve. She will be ready for party or playtime. Piped along the neck and waist, the fully lined bodice is paired with a full skirt perfect for twirling. The sash has been reinvented with three small sash ties for a delicate detail. The softly puffed sleeve includes a keyhole trimmed with ties to finish the unique details of this light and airy dress.
Sizes: Sizes 6mo-8.
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lillian.gif (19456 bytes)

Lillian is a sleeveless, lined shift dress that buttons in the back.  It has short slits at the bottom of side seams for easier movement trimmed with fabric or ribbon bows.  Patch pocket can be trimmed with rickrack. 
Sizes 3-12
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Louise is a jumper or sundress with a slightly raised waist. View A has a simple gathered skirt with a hem. View B has a wide band on the bottom of the skirt that is turned under and hemmed at the seamline. Both views button in the back with a continuous bound placket in the skirt. The sundress version has a small round collar. The finished length is below the knee. Louise comes in sizes 1-5 and 6-12.
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Lucy is a lined jumper or sundress with 2 views.   Both views button on the shoulder and are piped at the neck & armholes.   View A is A-lined with a self ruffle at skirt button. View B is a swing garment having patch pockets into the side seams with contrasting ties.  
1-4 and 5-8
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