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Witchie Hugs

Pumpkin Jumper




"Sailboat Shorts Set"

"Baby Carriage Diaper Set"

"Ice Cream Holly"

"Turtle Hunter" "Summertime Sailor" "Sweet Shop"



"Tulip Garden"

"Practically Picasso"

"Bunny Luv"
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"Berry, Berry, Cherry" Bumble Bees "Jamie" "Easter Offering"
cherries.gif (69842 bytes) bees.gif (139335 bytes) rabbits2.gif (41550 bytes)


"Jamie" "Bevy of Bows" "Tiny Rocking Horses"
bunnies2.gif (41550 bytes) bows.gif (41550 bytes) BishopHorses.gif (55062 bytes)


"Dalmations" "Ruth" "ABC" "From A to Z"
Dalmations.gif (69611 bytes) ruth.gif (46474 bytes) abc.gif (163850 bytes) atoz1.gif (49300 bytes)


"Balloons" "Barney" "Rocking Horse"
balloons.gif (73536 bytes) barney.gif (55883 bytes) Rocking Horse1.gif (31246 bytes)




"Little Bear Blue"

"Carol" "Emilie" "Daisy Mae"


"Frannie Baby"

"Dunkin' Duckies"

"Linen Coat Dress" "Blue Linen David"


"Bluebird Bishop"

"Home Tweet Home"


"Bow Overlay Collar" "Red Sailor Michael" "Chip's Frozen Pops"



"Tulip Garden"

"Practically Picasso"

"Berry, Berry, Cherry" Bumble Bees "Bunny Luv"


"Little Bear Peep Jumpsuit" "Little Stinkers" "Schoolhouse Lillian" "Brooke" "Virginia"

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LittleStinkers1.gif (47605 bytes)

ABCJillian2.gif (39995 bytes)

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"Smocked Toddler Shirt"

"Kelsey's Collar"

"Kelsey's Collar Jumpsuit" "Eve" "Tulip Garden" Heirloom Lee
Scotties1.gif (48252 bytes) BlkScotties1.gif (33325 bytes) ScottiesJumpsuit1.gif (38271 bytes) SeafoamLee.gif (51245 bytes) PinkTulip.gif (56749 bytes) BlueSwiss.gif (37548 bytes)


"Balloons" "Barney" "Tiny Tulips" "What A Zoo" "Rocking Horse"
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"Abbie" Bessie Hannah's Sundress "Maggie"


"Rainy Daisies"

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