Creative Keepsakes' design plates are pictured below. All  plates are priced at $ 4.00. The names of the plates are listed above the pictures, along with the number of smocked rows each design calls for.  Check out Creative Keepsakes'  Classic Collection of smocking designs.

Click CARTADDSML.GIF (1624 bytes)to order. 

Buttons 'n Bows
8 rows/9 rows


The Shepard
8 rows


Annie's Angel
9 rows
ck10003.gif (20920 bytes)
ck10003b.gif (22745 bytes)


Bear Play
8 rows
ck10006.gif (18038 bytes)


Bears & Bees
9 rows
Blue Ribbon Pig
9 rows
ck10007.gif (18276 bytes) ck10009.gif (24123 bytes)


9 rows/ 10 rows
Caitlin's Kittens
10 rows
Lee Elizabeth
9 rows/9 rows
ck10021.gif (44253 bytes) ck10011.gif (22315 bytes) ck10024.gif (53448 bytes)


Cortnay's Caterpillars
9 rows
Country Bears
7 rows
ck10014.gif (18892 bytes)


Evergreen Memories
9 rows
10 rows
ck10020.gif (22443 bytes)


8 rows/8 rows
ck10038.gif (99166 bytes)




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